Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scrimmage, etc.

Last night was the third week in a row that intermediate girls were invited to join in the team’s scrimmage practice. I don’t want to get spoiled; I am positive there will be weeks when the Wednesday practices will be team-only (that is how they are listed on the schedule). But getting to scrimmage with the team is so awesome!!

On Monday night I had my outdoor wheels on my skates (we had had a fundraiser at a bar on Sunday night, and I was skating around there, so I thought my grippiest wheels would be a good choice. But I should’ve taken them off in time for practice on Monday). It was very frustrating, because I am the slowest skater in the intermediate group as it is. I still had some good moments on Monday, especially in a booty-blocking drill we did. I think toward the end I was starting to really get it!

Last night, though, was much better. I had my indoor wheels on, so I got that speed boost. I was able to keep up in the warmup pace line. And in my first time out as jammer during the scrimmage, I got to be LEAD JAMMER!! It was a perfect storm: the opposing jammer got caught in a pileup, my blockers did a great job of helping me through, and if I may brag just a bit, I think I did a pretty good job of taking advantage of their help. OMG, that was amazing.

Other cool moments during scrimmaging: I managed some effective hits; there were a few moments when I was able to slow down and booty block and be a real pain in the butt to the opposing team; and when I got hit, I fell properly and got right back up. In fact, after the lead jammer thing, I think my proudest moment of last night’s scrimmage was when Queen Bee Yotch (that is her derby name; I’m not insulting her!) nailed me with a very well-placed hit … and I took it, got back up, and kept going.

I’m still working on getting to the point where I can think during a scrimmage … but I’ll get there. :-)

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