Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I Learned This Week

This is my second straight week of making it to two practices a week. Yay me! This Saturday Charlie and I have plans with friends, and next Saturday is STDD's bout in Medford (so there will be no Saturday practices); the Saturday after that, I'm going to Saturday practice too.

This was a productive week for me. On Monday I got better at hitting and worked a lot on endurance. Tonight I learned how to give a whip (which is cool), how to jump (scary but cool), how to transition from skating forwards to skating backwards using footwork instead of making a big circle, how to stop by going backwards and going up on my toe stops, and how to block (though I will certainly need a lot more work on that).

I think I will be sore tomorrow. :-) But I feel *great*. I think I'm getting stronger. Tonight when we were squatting (basically, you stop skating and just squat and coast -- it's a real workout for the thighs), it was easier than it has been. Not *easy*, but easier.

God, I love roller derby.

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