Wednesday, February 17, 2010


OK, tonight was just effing *awesome*.

After warmups, I was automatically heading over to the beginners' group, but Bruiser (tonight's beginners' trainer) said, "You know how to do waterfall, and that's what we're doing tonight, so go over there" (over there being the track, where the intermediate/advanced group was). So I did. Part of me was sure someone was going to say, "Wait a minute, you should be in with the beginners," but that didn't happen.

So I moved up to intermediate tonight!!! OMFG!!!!!!

Bones was our trainer, and it was a fantastic practice. I worked my *ass* off. Although I didn't skate as fast as the advanced girls (i.e., the travel team -- the ones who play in the bouts), and I still don't really have a crossover, I did everything that everyone else did. I wimped out of absolutely *nothing.* Anyone who has been reading this blog from the beginning will know what a big accomplishment that is.

This is like my fourth straight week of full attendance. I'm going to the beginner/intermediate practice on Saturday afternoon, and may go skating at the rink on Sunday (though if my knees need a day off between Saturday practice and Monday night practice, I will listen to my knees).

I *think* I get to be in the intermediate group now. Of course, when the team is scrimmaging, the girls who haven't passed minimum skills go and join the beginner group; but other than that, I think I get to be with the big kids.

I'm *thrilled*.

It's funny, Kim (one of my friends at work) asked me today if I work out my work frustrations at derby practice (I'm basically a customer service employee, so there's a fair amount of frustration). I said no, that I really don't. The truth is, I think about derby at work, but I don't think about work at derby. :-)

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