Friday, January 29, 2010

Practice on Wednesday

I went to practice on Wednesday -- that makes two for the week. Yay me! (This is the minimum required attendance for scrimmage-eligible girls, so I really need to get in the habit of going to at least two practices a week. Plus, the more I practice the faster I will get up to speed, both literally and figuratively.)

On Wednesday night the drills seemed a little -- emphasis on little -- easier. Maybe I'm getting stronger, or maybe the trainer (Brick) really did ease off a bit. Knowing Brick, that doesn't seem all that likely ... :-)

Here's the accomplishment of the night: I can skate backwards! Not really *well*, and I'm still just doing backward sticky feet (that's where all eight wheels are constantly in contact with the floor), but I can do it. And we worked on transitioning from skating forwards to skating backwards, without stopping, and I can do that. It was easy -- which is nice, because not many things in derby are coming easily to me when I first try them.

I wish I were going to have time to go skating this weekend, but I doubt I will unless I want to go alone to the open skate on Sunday (probably not).

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