Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Progress!

At practice last night, I learned some new stuff, and worked on stuff I had already learned. And I got through the endurance drills, though they were tough. I skated in a pace line with the other beginner girls (a pace line is where you skate in a single-file line, close enough to the person in front of you that you can reach out and touch her; then the person in the back weaves in and out between people until she gets to the front). It's getting easier to do that!

I think my next step is to make myself a chart of all the minimum skills I need to know, so I can check off when I can do them, and when I've really got them down (this was Charlie's idea, and it's a good one).

Last night, although it was *hard*, I never once thought "What the hell am I doing here?" Yay!!

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