Sunday, January 3, 2010

Skating at the rink today

We went to the open skate at Lebanon today, along with several Sick Town people (Brick, Nick, Pwny, FaceKontrol, Kayla and Rob). It was going pretty well until about 30 minutes into the skating session, Rob fell. I was on my way around the rink and saw him on the floor and thought, "Oops, Rob fell." When I came around again and he was still down, I thought "Uh-oh," and stopped.

Yeah, turns out he broke his leg. :-( He was trying to stop and his legs didn't cooperate, I guess. He had his 8-year-old son, Grayson, with him, so I stayed with Grayson while the paramedics got Rob ready to go to the hospital, and then I met them there and kept Grayson company in the waiting room until his mom got there. He's a funny little kid; he told me that when a woman has a baby, they cut it out of her stomach. I was like, yeah, sometimes they do that; and then he told me that other times they poop the baby out. Picture me keeping a straight face at that one. :-) I agreed that they kind of poop the baby out ... I certainly wasn't going to explain how it really works to the 8-year-old kid of a friend I don't know very well. :-)

Anyway, Rob's going to be fine, though I'm guessing he will not be skating for at least a couple of months. I hope he'll be back when his leg heals. I got back to the rink with a little less than an hour left in the skate session, so I did a little more skating. I never really got warmed up to the point where the shins weren't bothering me, but that's OK. I'm glad I could help out.

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  1. It's so encouraging to hear your progress! And I read that you're from OK too, in a previous post. I have trouble with my shins as well, and I "tap-out" to help with the pain. After stretching, and any time the pain starts, I take a few minutes to tap my feet, kinda like if you were keeping time in band or showing your impatience. It helps!!