Sunday, March 21, 2010


Tonight was the Sick Town league party. It was a lot of fun (well, actually it is still going on, but I am a lame-o and left relatively early. For me, I stayed a long time -- got there at 7, left a little after 11 -- but I was one of the first to leave). I lost count of how many Jell-O shots I had (probably around 10. I would've had more but they really strongly tasted like vodka).

They gave out awards, for things like Best Ass in Spandex, Meanest Rollergirl, Sweetest Rollergirl, etc. A lot of times, the girls I voted for weren't the ones who won, but I still agreed with the choices. For all of the positive things, it was hard to pick just one person. (I didn't vote on Stinkiest Pads, and for Meanest, I picked someone who is not mean, but whose hits are scary.)

There was a surprise award -- the training committee chose the Most Improved Skater. I was listening while they announced it, but I wish I'd listened a little closer to all the nice things they were saying, because ... the award went to me!! They chose me as the most improved skater. That was amazing. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I am still walking on air, and probably will be for a while. Thank you so much, ladies!!

I got a cool award trophy -- an old rink skate that has been painted and decorated with my derby name. It's awesome. I plan to sleep with it tonight. (Maybe not. But it is sitting on my dresser. :-)

I am so happy to be a Sick Town girl!

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  1. Oh! Congratulations, Randa! :) I'm so pleased for you.