Saturday, October 31, 2009

Skating today

Charlie and I went skating today at the open skate in Lebanon. I'm feeling more in-control on my skates, which is a wonderful thing. I still have to build up some endurance. Cardio stamina is not a problem -- it's my stupid calf muscles that get tired out.

Charlie did a lot better too -- yay! I think he's starting to get comfortable on the skates.

The biggest challenge at open skate continues to be avoiding crashing into the little kids. At least adults generally skate forwards. With little kids, you never know what direction they are going to go. :-)


  1. You go Girl! With your derby endeavor it shows a very free spirit and a can do atitude. Enjoyed reading your posts, some made me laugh, thanks.

  2. I just found your blog and am excited to read about your experiences! I just started derby too, and have added you to my blogroll at

  3. Just came across your blog as I lay in bed with a hamstring injury from derby practice today. Love it. I'm a 42 yr old skater, started out last year and sidelined by one of those pesky kids you're talking about. It took me a while to get over being scared after my elbow dislocated/fracture (next time I'm just running the kids over, not avoiding them) Have a lot of catching up to do (reading) but will have time while I ice/rest/recover. Thanks for writing and keep posting.