Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've probably mentioned this already, but the Sick Town training committee has decided that just passing minimum skills and passing the written rules test no longer automatically means that you are eligible to scrimmage. Now, the training committee decides when you can scrimmage.

I'd guess a lot of that is about safety (though some of it may be endurance and speed too -- being able to skate 25 laps in 5 minutes doesn't necessarily mean you can maintain that pace for more than 5 minutes, for example). So although initially when they announced this change, I was like, "Oh crap, another hoop to jump through," I'm cool with it now. Honestly, if the committee doesn't think I'm ready to scrimmage, I trust their judgment.

The good news is that I told Bones (head of training) that my goal is to be scrimmage-eligible by the end of the year, and she thinks that's totally attainable. Yay! We're going to talk at Rollercon (I suggested drinks and knitting :-) ... but her vote of confidence makes me feel a lot better.

Meanwhile, I'll still go to the scrimmage part of the Wednesday practices. I want to learn to referee too -- NOT instead of playing, but as something else I can do. It was fun tracking penalties at the junior derby tournament, but refereeing would have been more fun. :-) So until I'm eligible to scrimmage, I can help ref the scrimmages and then join in the practice afterward. (I think the non-team practices will be separate now ... )

I think I'm getting past some of my skating fear: hallelujah! All the outdoor skating I've been doing helps.

OK, time to go finish dyeing my hair (Sick Town blue! For reals! Well, just the bangs, but still. :-)


  1. Not to be a Debbie Downer-but what's the point of passing the test if you can't scrimmage? How are you going to learn if you aren't given the opportunity? Sounds strange to me, but then again I am not in your league.

    In our league, you are either a newbie (not passed assessments) or a granny (passed assessments). There is only one practice a week for those that are grannies only. If we couldn't scrimmage, we would still be always practicing with the newbies. Seems like passing assessments is kinda the point. I dunno- maybe it's me.

  2. Carrie, I have had that same thought. Sick Town does have intermediate-level practices, though, and also combined practices (where everyone who's not a total beginner is included).

  3. I guess it is better than nothing right. Just seems strange to me. But then again...not much you can do about it right? :)

  4. Bash, yeah ... nothing I can do about it except work my ass off to meet whatever their requirements are. :-) I love my league, so I'm willing to jump through their hoops.