Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Derby Name

I cannot remember if I have blogged about this yet, but ... last week when talking to my mom, I came up with a great derby name for myself. Mom told me that my SIL Amy (who is really like a sister to me, but I still say SIL because it would be too weird if I called her my sister and then told someone she was married to and had kids with my brother ... we are from Oklahoma, not Arkansas. Kidding! Arkansas is awesome! Don't email me!)

ANYWAY!! Amy had this awesome grandmother, Dixie. Mom told me something about Dixie I had never known -- she was a derby girl back in (I'm guessing) the 50s. How amazing is that? I met Dixie, but at the time I didn't know anything about roller derby. I wish I could talk to her about it now; I'll bet she had some amazing stories. Dixie died not long after my niece Alena was born; Lanie's 7 now. So, too late to talk to Dixie about derby, dammit. (Sorry for the alliteration.)

Dixie's real name was Dixie Cullpepper (I don't know what her derby name was, or if they even had derby names then).

My proposed derby name: Dixie Skullpopper, in tribute to Dixie as well as to Amy, who is one of the most kick-ass women I know. I think I've mentioned this before, but derby names have to be unique -- you can't pick anything too similar to a name someone else has already registered. I searched the registry and no one has anything close to Dixie Skullpopper. So, fingers crossed that no one comes up with it before I pass minimum skills. :-) (It's not likely that anyone will ... but you never know ... and I'd hate to have to cut a bitch.) (Kidding!!! There's no cutting in derby. I'd have to hit the bitch.) (KIDDING!!! I would never hit someone outside of a bout. :-)


  1. Cool name.

    I don't know if you noticed, I subscribed to your blog a day or two ago. I'm assuning it will send me updates when you post? I linked it to my google/gmail. I've always been less of a blog-subscriber and more of a "read the blog when I happen to remember it" type of person. :)

  2. My mother skated for the T-birds of L.A. for 5 yrs. in the early 70's. I often would ask why she did this, let this happen to her body every other day or so, and she would only answer by showing me a dedication I have not seen since. She is dead now, but I learned alot about life from the people and how that zen took care of it's own. thanks for the flashback, and good luck! Big John in oregon...

  3. That's pretty cool, redeyedchupacabre. Do you have pictures of her from her derby days? Did she have a derby name?

  4. I envy you your having glommed that stash of Analog magazines, but I will forgive you.

    How could I not forgive "Dixie Skullpopper" almost anything...?

  5. yes, I have to look for them, but i know they are still around... as to her skating handle, I believe it was Jackem up jackie! or something like that... her name was jacklyn morrissey- thanks for letting me know you read my post. Good luck, and stay safe, ok? big john in oregon...